What is happening at SEO Contest UWelcome2019?

The SEO Contest UWelcome2019 will soon be holding their third edition in Toronto. This contest is one of the most anticipated SEO events in the country. King and Pope Lucy organized the event to enrich the SEO industry by demonstrating techniques and practices for viewers and participants through various contests. Viewers can learn how to position a page as a Top page in less than two months. That can be done through the use of different SEO techniques. The king with Pope Lucy will take part in this teaching. UWelcome2019 is an annual marketing and SEO event that aims to improve the industry by studying new trends and strategies. Also, viewers and participants will be invited to find new tools, network with fellow professionals, and meet potential clients.

On the upcoming UWelcome SEO day, many speakers will come to deliver various topics about SEO, online marketing, and more. This contest will be held for two days and will be an essential training about SEO. The training provided to participants will be conducted by leading B-Schools in Toronto who have selected the best SEO experts from all of Canada. Speakers at Toronto SEO ConTest will also explain how to position a page to be in the first row on the search results page and teach all the techniques needed by the participants. This year, Toronto SEO ConTest UWelcome2019 participants are expected to have fun during training and can learn many things related to SEO that will help them. This year’s Toronto SEO ConTest is sure to help SEO marketers learn new skills, build networks, and get new business/prospects. This SEO contest offers participants and viewers the opportunity to showcase their talents as top marketers.

More than meets the eye:

Toronto SEO ConTest is not only an exciting SEO contest but also a cricket competition. Cricket is the perfect competition for any man who has a passion for cricket and SEO out there. This game will also test participants’ physical skills. The skills and strengths of each participant holding a vital role in the game. Participants who managed to prove themselves to be the best will take home the winning trophy. With the joining of SEO and the set of cricket, the competition is expected to be more enjoyable. From the start, cricket has been a fun game. This game requires confidence, courage, and the ability to handle pressure when you don’t expect much to win. What makes the cricket competition the same as an SEO contest? In SEO, you will need confidence and courage to make the best campaign. You also need to have the resistance to resist the pressure in the fierce competition that exists in the industry. Besides that, SEO and cricket have a great history.

Search Engine Optimization / SEO has become a hot topic of the city in a short time. This competition will be beneficial in gathering all SEO experts in one place and creating the best SEO workers. This SEO contest can also motivate participants that writing and SEO techniques are fun things to do. Also, for you who like to play cricket, of course, participants already know that winners will also be honored and recognized from all over the world. Cricket is a game that is famous and played all over the world. By being obedient to the rules and focusing on the goals of the game, it certainly won’t be difficult for you to win.

Practice makes perfect. This proverb is very suitable when applied to play cricket and doing SEO. As we know, cricket is a game loved by everyone, as well as SEO. You need to use your whole body to be able to do well during the competition. You also must always be alert and focused so that you can give the best results and be the winner. Participants will be welcome to join and try their luck. By participating in competitions, participants can improve their skills and also be aware of the skills that will be needed to achieve perfect results.

Things to do:

There are several things you should pay attention to while participating in the SEO Contest UWelcome2019, namely:

1. Play fair

If you become a participant, please remember that referees, spectators, and also cameras, will focus on you. So be sure always to be careful and do your best.

2. Pink ball test match

Just like the pink ball used in day/night trials, you have to do your SEO uniquely so everyone including the audience can see that.

3. Use all knowledge and skills.

Now is the perfect moment to find out how good you are with the skills you have and what kind of improvement you need to achieve the skills you want.

4. The budget of $300

You must have a minimum budget of $300. This budget serves as a guarantee that you are serious about participating in the SEO 2019 competition held in Toronto.

5. Don’t use negative SEO.

This competition is a dangerous match and using negative SEO will result in disqualification. Be sure to do SEO by the guidelines and rules set. This rule is the same as there is no negative bowling line. In international and local cricket, this rule is most noticed. Participants who are breaking this rule will be suspended.

6. Play the game you can do while waiting for your turn.

If you decide to join in this competition, prepare yourself and prepare to wait as long as needed and enjoy the test.

7. Must have fun

That is a rule that does not require to be forced. After you step in the field of competition in SEO, you will not be able to resist the pleasure that will surround you. You will also be able to pass a pleasant day and be filled with fun activities too.

8. Viewers can watch for free

Audiences are welcome to enjoy matches or competitions free of charge or free. Viewers or fans do not have to pay any fees to attend this competition in Toronto. Entrance fees are free for everyone who has an interest in SEO or cricket!